Jennifer Louden talks about resourcing

Authentic comfort come when you know you're connected to something larger than yourself and you allow yourself to be fed by that larger energy.

Knowing how to do this will make a profound difference in your life.

It has nothing to do with believing in a higher power, FYI.

It does mean you realize you don't make the air you breath or the gravity that holds you to the earth.

The Not Quite So Daily Dollop
Resourcing = Drawing on Something Greater than Ourselves

Right now, reading this, wouldn't it be energizing, utterly comforting and mood changing to let yourself draw from something than other than what you have to do, haven't done yet, or are sure you won't get to?

This is where you may often find yourself unconsciously putting your attention – on what isn't here or isn't enough or isn't done yet. And thus, you may be trying to draw energy, sustenance and inspiration from what isn't here.

Or you may draw energy from your own strengths, talents, and willpower. Which can feel better but is also limited.

What you want to do is learn to tap into an unlimited source of power, energy and well-being that is not you.

What do I mean not you?

That topic has filled libraries and I'm going to cut to the chase: you don't make the air you are breathing. You don't create gravity that holds you to the earth. You do not grow all the food you eat nor the clothes you wear nor the myriad other things that sustain you right now.

You did not fashion from clay the people you love.

Did you invent the computer that you received this on? Did you make the electricity or write the code or write these words?

In other words, something far bigger than you exists – let's call it life. The wonder of life being lived all around you, the wonder of life living through you.

What I've come to know with my whole being is the most essential act of self-nurturing is to access this larger-ness, this far bigger and other than me-ness, to draw on it like you would a well, a library, a power cord, an ocean, a heart the size of the universe and beyond.

Today's Intention: Acknowledging you aren't the source of everything. Try doing it with specific things like your computer, oxygen, love.

Please let this short video nurture you at the deepest levels.

To resourcing!


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