It is so hot!

And boy, have I been busy! Running 2 Etsy shops, Artfire shop, looking for work, trying to find time to make jewelry: it seems like "running" is the correct word for how I'm feeling.
So yesterday I hit the streets again. Trying to find some local shops to display and sell my jewelry. What to wear. Well I have to wear comfortable shoes if I'm going to be walking all over neighborhoods. And it is so hot, what do I wear while trying to stay cool and look businesslike, professional and in style. I decided on black walking shorts and a nice black and white top with empire waist with a leather band that ties in the back.
I can manage this look. So I went to salons, stopped by one shop who carries my stuff, but she wasn't ready to buy yet. (Hey, it just felt good coming inside her store with the air conditioner!)
And I went mid-day; well the mid-day sun and temperature here in Florida is a killer. I guess it was around 88 degrees F., in my car about 101. That is until the air kicks in, whew!
Needless to say, I sweat ed like a pig.
I did find an art gallery that I was never in before, so I cooled off in there a while and enjoyed looking at all the art. Beautiful glass artisans from around the world displaying their works, paintings, and JEWELRY! I found my teacher's (Stacy Perry's) work in there too.
We even have a nice spa and resort in this town, that I offered my goods to.
I should mention that prior to just stopping in off the street, I've called these shops a number of times, with no results, so then it's time to make a personal appearance! Gotta keep trying, never give up!
THE GOOD NEWS is that I did get one beauty salon to carry my jewelry. She loved my stuff and thinks her clients will too. Then this is what happens every time I take jewelry to a shop and don't pull it out of my Etsy shop first, you guessed it, I sold a piece! Now it's back to the salon tomorrow to pick it up, etc, etc.

Now I must mention here that the ETSY SUPPLY STREET TEAM is having a YART SALE this month, and all shops can participate! There is info above on the blog, and lot's of promoting will be done. So if you have a shop on Etsy, you might want to join in. Just click on some of the links for more info.

On a personal note: today I got a phone call that might turn out to be a job offer!
No pics for today. See ya!


Thank you so much for promoting the Yart Sale! We'll see you June 10th!

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