I'm ready.....

The laundry's in the dryer, the house is clean, the floors are vacuumed, so I'm almost ready. Ready for what, you ask? Tomorrow night I'm having a jewelry showing at my house. I made fliers, handed them out, emailed friend's; although I didn't get to hand out as many fliers as I wanted to. (I still have time tomorrow morning)
Borrowed a table, bought a nice table cloth, labeled all my jewelry. Now all I have to do is go to the grocery store and get the food that I plan to make. Yes, I'm feeding my guests dinner, having a jewelry giveaway, and free gifts! Doesn't this sound inviting?
But, I'm not expecting a big turnout. I will be surprised if I do. Anyway, I thought that I would do something like this twice a year, as many jewelry artists say that home parties or open houses, is where they make the bulk of their income for the year.
It's the last day of ESST YART SALE. I'm curious how other's did. I did not make one sale. Sometimes I do better without a sale! I'll have to check the forums or talk to other's who participated.

Here's a few photos of newly made pieces by me.

These earrings are for me. Beautiful lampwork beads! I used sterling silver for the ear wires, and copper for the rest. The copper bead caps I made myself. Another great class with Stacy Perry.

And this bracelet, that I'm calling "It's electric".

All sterling silver, great lampwork beads by Rodney Andrew that look like electricity going through the beads. And I made these bead caps too.
Right now, in my tumbler, is an experimental piece. I've been constructing this "door knocker" bracelet with lampwork beads, but I'm not sure it's going to turn out. I figure, give it some time in the tumbler and see how it does, then I may wear it a few hours to see how it holds up and fits. You'll see it here, if it works out!


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