Rebirth of the Goddess

Ah, my latest and (in my opinion) my greatest project to date. Let me first begin by giving credit where credit is due. These gorgeous lampwork beads were created by Moon Stumpp, you can find her work on Etsy at Mixed Media Jewelry, or see my sidebar for her blog and in the "websites I like for lampwork" section.
Most of all the techniques used to create this piece were taught by Sharilyn Miller, who can also be found in my sidebars. Great news too! She has just started another blog of wire jewelry tutorials: Stop by and check it out!

The beautiful spiral disc is wrapped and has added spirals in copper. I made the twisted wire jump rings as I've made before, and the copper tube beads were fun to make! Such a great appearance they have and statement they can make especially for this type of necklace design. Rather old, warrior, ethnic looking artifacts if you will. Lots of texture have been applied; deep oxidation for that "relic" appeal; and they are wrapped in sterling silver with more spirals.

And a hand forged copper hook clasp closure. This piece has lots of warm colors and texture to it. A combination of sterling silver, copper and artisan lampwork beads. I must admit feeling like I'm coming into my own with my design work. I may have said this before, but I do think I've found my niche and it is in wire working and cold forging metal. You would not belief the amount of scrubbing with steel wool that this piece took!

I don't mind getting dirty! Now here's a side note: Benn said to me to hold my gut in, while he's taking these photos, but I am!!! It didn't help much that I'm wearing a stretchy tight tank top!
Which reminds me, I've have been good for the last week or so. I did work out aerobically 3 times this week and did yoga too. Although I prefer just the yoga! And I have to say that my eating habits have been better too. I think I'm more aware, when I do exercise, of what I eat. For instance, this week I've had non-fat yogurt with fruit and/or granola for breakfast, soup and salads for lunch, and a fairly descent dinner. And I have increased my water intake.
O.k., how did I get so off track as this?
Anyway, this goddess necklace will be posted in my Etsy shop soon. Oh, and a secret about this necklace, it was actually a piece I made previously, really was not satisfied with it, so I took it apart, (this is where I got the name for the piece), because it is the "rebirth of the Goddess".

You may remember this piece, "the love revolution" necklace,

and if you're wondering where it is or where it went to; well, if you are in Florida, it is now available at the Painted Fish Gallery in downtown Dunedin. Lots of great art in this gallery available to purchase as well. I have to put blinders on when I take jewelry over there, so I don't end up bringing more home with me than I took in to sell! Here's their website:

That's all for today!


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