June Weddings

Why are June weddings so popular? Many believe it to be good luck to get married in June. Let's start with a little history and lore. The month of June was originally named after the Roman Goddess Juno. In Greek mythology she is called Hera.

Hera was married to Zeus (the king of the Gods) and ruler of Mount Olympus and she was thus considered the Goddess of marriage and women.
The climate, depending of where you live, is a determining factor for a June wedding. It is warm, generally sunny; great for an outdoor wedding.
Many brides love the light, soft color palette that is available for bridesmaid's dresses and center piece options.

It might be a good idea to pick flowers that are available in June. I found this list of what is in bloom then.
The rose is the flower of June. You can find many beautiful colored roses for your liking.
There is a great article about these floating rose centerpieces.
I hope you enjoyed my brief look into June weddings. Much, much more can be found. Have fun on your search!

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