Etsy Blogger's features "Createathought"

It's that time again folks, where we (Etsy Bloggers) feature a chosen shop of the month and this month it is "Createathought".
What a cute and innovative shop. What first got my attention was the number of different journals she has created.
This art journal, being my favorite.

Then I found a couple that really piqued my interest. Look at the buttons on these. A little bit of nostalgia.

Or maybe you're looking for a fun and funky gift. This shop also offers a variety of gift options. Check out this moon ring:

What about these coffee magnets? Coffee lover's unite!

Now I'm thirsty! Gotta go!


Random Musings said…
Great and unique items! Love her shop!
Thanks for the feature, and if there is anything you want you get a special etsybloggers discount!

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