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Just checking in with my bloggy friends giving you an update on what's new. First of all you may have noticed in the side bar that I've opened another online shop at Art Fire and added a "rapid cart" here. Going to try my hand at this site and Etsy also. Next on my list, is to conquer a shop spot at 1000 Markets. I'm currently putting together some of my best work, and good photos to try setting up shop there. I'll keep you posted on that.
Last Friday I decided to sign up to take a 6 week course with local jewelry maker/metal artist Stacy Perry at our local Fine Arts Center. Here's a copper bracelet that I made from last week's class. I used Mykonos ceramic disc beads and a lampwork bead, (made by "Sassy Stoppers") as my focal. It has been oxidized and tumble polished.

If you like this look, I do have a similar one in sterling silver in my Etsy shop right now.
Tomorrow Stacy will be teaching us etching. Something that I've wanted to learn how to do. So I'm excited!
Let's see, I've been really busy this week. I've added many new items to my Etsy shop, did alot of online---well, I'll just call it "stuff".
Made some new pieces with lots of texture. I felt like hammering this week. (Can you imagine that?!) Then I spent the last couple of days trying to find a photo technique that I liked with these new pieces. I finally got the background the way I wanted it, so see for yourself.

These are rather rustic, earthy, even southwestern (if you will) bracelets. Many thanks to Sharilyn Miller for her teaching techniques of texturizing! I find myself leaning more toward metal working and cold forging techniques. I may have actually found my niche!
I decided to attempt my first ever pair of post earrings. They are sterling silver, simple, yet rustic quirky spirals with different hammering techniques applied. They were DIFFICULT TO PHOTOGRAPH! I'm usually taking pictures of bracelets, longer earrings, necklaces, so this was challenging, getting the focus on something so small.

Now I think I'm planning to do a sale for this weekend in both my Etsy jewelry shop and my Etsy bead supply shop, so check back tomorrow or Saturday for that. And hopefully I'll be able to show off some etching techniques! Have a good rest of the week!


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