New book, skin care and giveaway

Good Morning! My new book is here, my new book is here! I'm talking about, of course the latest book by Joyce Meyer, "Never Give Up".

It came in the mail yesterday. I can't wait to get into it. It is probably just what I need right now to be reading. I will let you know all about it.
Speaking of books, I hope everyone got their books who won the giveaway contest that I had a couple of weeks ago. I hope you're all enjoying them.

Well, last Friday I mentioned that in my class we were going to learn etching. And we did. It was fun, not too difficult to do, just the chemicals smell and you need to have proper ventilation and be careful, because the etching chemical does stain, and is not easy to remove. You'll have to wait until this weekend to see photos though, as I made a cute pair of earrings, and learned a new technique to make a different style of ear wires; unfortunately they are not finished, and we will be finishing them this week in class along with a new technique. So just a tease until these earrings are complete.

I want to share with you some new organic skin care that I have recently tried. I ordered from "Angel Face Botanicals", or "Spa Goddess" on Etsy.
I ordered a facial mask and toner to try. Well, if you're like me, (very picky) you will love their products!
The Rose Sandalwood mask is made with organic clays, rose petals, essential oils and more. It smells just heavenly! It is a gritty clay mask, with very therapeutic values and purifying to the skin. Here is a listing for a sample size:

Then the "Grace" toner:

A great spritzer of antioxidants, healing Aloe, calming Chamomile, antiseptic Tea Tree, regenerative Clary Sage & ultra-therapeutic Lavender Essential Oils.
I also got a sample (along with my order) of the "Lavender hydrating serum"

Now this is an oil free serum, which I love, and lavender is my favorite essential oil. Oh My! Does this one ever smell good! I will be back to purchase this one for sure!
THEY ARE HAVING A GIVEAWAY FOR A $20.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO THEIR SHOP! Just go over to their blog to enter. HURRY! I think it ends in a couple of days!

That's is for today! Have a great day!


Ayie said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog, also for sharing this skin care.

I believe it's better for the skin since it's organic.

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