A message from God

For all those interested, I have 3 copies of Joyce Meyer's book, "Tell them I love them". Post a comment sometime this week, and I'll pick 3 winners next Monday. You will enjoy this message!


Anonymous said…
I think this is a beautiful gift you are giving!
MJ said…
I love her books. This is 1 I don't have.

Judy said…
I find Joyce's books so inspiring, especially the way she makes His Word so relevant to our everyday life. God bless!
clopez said…
I have a dear friend who is a Christian women and she spoke to me about Joice Meyer and how wonderful she thinks she is. I am starting to read Mrs. Meyer’s books and I think they are amazing. These books are so helpful to my friend and me we are both just recently married and with new babies. So reading these books come as a great blessing. God Bless :)

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