It's Friday, where am I going?

So it's Friday, not sure what I really am going to say today, but here goes. This week I've sent out massive emails to all I know, because, "I'm on a mission this month". I'm kinda feeling all alone. I'm tired. Not too creative. Not wanting to do too much. Here's how I feel:

It's been an interesting week, to say the least. We went to have our taxes done yesterday. This is the first year I had to hand over my yearly record book to our accountant. Well, let's just say this, in previous years we can usually finish our appointment and leave with our paperwork all done, but not this year. The accountant will call sometime next week so we can pick it up. eeeek! But, he said not to worry, it doesn't look bad. Just lot's of details.
I hate red tape. Too many details. So this morning I figured I'd better check my new 2009 record book and make sure every thing's up to date. Fun time spent.

Still looking for a "day" job; had a fairly promising interview this week. We'll see. Don't get me going about paperwork here! It's the details again. Here's my resume, now how about filling out this 5 page application?

Money. Red tape. The government. Did I mention that I had my unemployment stopped because I worked 1 week at a temporary job, and had to wait 4 weeks for someone to investigate and clear this up?
Maybe you'll enjoy this:

O.k., so this is my new thing that I've found to entertain myself! You tube.
Here's another one some of you might enjoy watching:

Is my age showing now? (Hee, hee!) For those of you looking for new beads or that watch my supply shop on Etsy, I did get a new shipment of Mykonos Greek ceramic beads in. I just haven't photographed them yet. I did spend time today pricing them, or figuring out the prices I should say. I hate that "Euro surcharge", but what are you going to do.
Lot's of new pebbles in pretty colors and new silver beads as well. I'll get them posted soon.
Well, I hope this was an interesting post, hope you laughed; we all need a laugh a day!


Good luck with the interview. Im a HUGE Floyd fan :-) Loved the vids
cindy said…
Oh, thanks Jamie. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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