It's Award Time!

It never fails, that the "universe" is looking out for me. Just when I'm feeling lazy, uninspired to create, or just plain bored, does something good happen or someone brings joy into my life. Thank you, thank you, Moon of for nominating my blog as "Blog Fabulous!" I appreciate it and am glad to know that other's are reading and enjoying my blog. Go stop over at her blog and check out her great lampwork beads that she makes!

So, in order to pass the "goodness" along, I'd like to nominate a few of my favorite blogs that I read and follow. First of all, my friend Lisa, at Her blog is always funny, honest, and she makes beautiful gemstone jewelry as well.

My next choice is for Casey and her blog, "Just me.. the crazy rancher's wife".. a blog about the life of a cattle rancher's wife and her daily rants and raves. Very interesting, in Texas.
You'll love this one: Terri, "the pop art diva",
A Retro Baby Boomer Pop Culture Blog. Lot's of video clips, very entertaining!

And last, but certainly not least, is Jackie at She will have you laughing, (and possibly falling out of your chair, too!)
Now ladies, enjoy your awards! And readers, enjoy checking out some interesting blogs!


Pop Art Diva! said…
Thank you Cindy for the compliments and the award! I'll be passing it on to some of my favs!

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