I've got nothing to say....

I've got nothing to say, but I'll say it anyway. I've been kinda busy this week, looking for work, and going on a "working" interview; which is where you follow someone around for a couple of hours, help out, look around, ask questions, and generally get a feel for the place. It went o.k. I won't know the results probably until next week.
So with some of my earnings from my jewelry business, (thank you all that made purchases) I decided to treat myself to some new stuff, tools, etc. from Rio Grande. I bought a very expensive embossing hammer.

I can't wait to get it and work with it! I have some new ideas and projects in the works!
Now here's a couple of new items that I completed this week. First is a bracelet that I made with twisted wire, twisted jump rings (that I made) some golden cube beads and a beautiful lampwork focal bead made by "Sassy Stopppers". You can find her shop on Etsy as well, see side bar for "Websites I like for lampwork".
Then I made earrings using some lampwork beads and discs, again from "Sassy Stoppers". They will coordinate with the bracelet. I must confess, I just love how the photos turned out. I took them outside at sunset, and the sun really picked up the colors in the lampwork beads spectacularly!

Now today, I just finished this bracelet in sterling silver, that I'm calling, "here, fishy, fishy". It has sodalite gemstone fish, shiny hammered round disc links, sterling silver twisted wire jump rings, (that I made and oxidized) giving this piece a "varied textures" appearance. Plus, I think the jump rings look a little nautical, so it fits the theme. There are various dangles of freshwater pearls, sparkly Swarovski crystals and in front of each fish is a sterling silver teardrop dangling, like a fishing lure! I think this was a cute idea, if I say so myself!

Now I plan to make fish earrings that will go with this bracelet, but here's my dilemma: Should I sell them with the bracelet as a set, or offer them separately? I'm on the fence here, because some people like to have earrings included, so maybe they feel like they're getting something extra. (But unless you are offering FREE earrings with the bracelet, you are still charging for them. The other side of this dilemma is: with costs and expenses being what they are today, some others may like the option of buying one or the other, (maybe as a way of not spending too much), and then could always choose whether or not to shop another day for the matching piece. WHAT DO YOU THINK? I would love some comments; suggestions here from others!

What else.... Oh, there's a pretty good bead show in town tomorrow, for 3 days. I plan to go, (even though I should not be buying anything right now) I'm itching to shop, look at new beads (and probably bring some home too!) You'll have to stop back for that!
Well, that's alot of "having nothing to say", don't ya think?
BTW: Don't forget I have an EBAY shop, for the time being anyway. If you're an EBAY shopper, take a look at what I have to offer there, just search "Devine Designs Jewelry". Enjoy your evening everyone!


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