Cool Stuff and Giveaways!

Good afternoon all! I have FINALLY finished some new jewelry pieces and they are in the tumbler as we speak! First of all, I'm having a jewelry giveaway! It is for these earrings:

They are lampwork disc beads made by "Beadabundant" with Swarovski crystals and coiled non-tarnish silver wire. You can go to this link for the giveaway details:

The contest will end on the last day of this month.
On to some cool findings! Last week, when I was out shopping for supplies for the weekend workshop, I happened to find a couple of cool items at Michael's crafts.
Check out this wooden box. It's intended purpose is to store coils of wire (use number 1), but to me it looked like a display that I saw a lampwork artist using to display her beads at a show. (Use number 2) And, what I really thought about using it for; to photograph earrings (Use number3). It's a white box with 2 bars that I can dangle earrings from, oh, and I used it to hang a piece the other day while something was drying. It was on the clearance rack, need I say more?

My next find was a steal! I saw this cute carrying case with pockets; hey now I do need something to carry all my supplies in don't I?

So it has lots of outside Velcro pockets, and inside elastics to hold brushes, tools, etc. and when I unzipped the whole thing, it had 5 plastic cases stacked up. You know the kind with dividers to hold beads and supply findings! Here's the best part, $2.99!

And Rex likes it too!

So check back for the long awaited new items! And I've added a sale section to my Etsy shop as well.
BTW: Joyce Meyer giveaway coming soon!


Nelsby said…
I went to the site you listed for the giveaway. But when I clicked on the giveaway link, it just took me right back here. So how do I enter?
awaerhouse at gmail dot com
i would love to be entered but i have the same problem as nelsby!

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