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Our featured shop for January is Rose Works Jewelry. I really do enjoy exploring other's shops. I find it very interesting, the variety of styles and talent that is out there. Ruthie, at Rose Works prides herself on her seed beading techniques, and working with crystals. Seed beading can be very detailed, and you must have a good eye too! Here's a couple of my favorites from her shop.
What a beautiful and colorful necklace! I can't imagine the amount of time that goes into a piece such as this.
I also picked this one as a favorite. This is a "brick weave" technique.
There are lots more to be found in her Etsy shop. Go take a look around!


Thanks for the great feature! I love those pieces as well :)
Pop Art Diva! said…
OMG! Just looking at that beautiful necklace made my eyes hurt and my neck ache thinking of all the hours and detail work that went into it!

Patience is a virtue and Ruthie seems to be overflowing with it!

Thanks for showing us this beautiful shop! I love that kind of beadwork!

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