Saturday Update

I can't believe it's Saturday already and I haven't posted since Monday! Hey, it was a holiday after all! My husband's birthday is on the 22nd of December, so we celebrated this week. Instead of a cake this year, I got him a custom made fortune cookie with secret message inside.

I ordered the cookie from Worth a Fortune on Etsy of course. She does many nice goodies:
We had a nice Christmas, I got new pliers, supplies and a couple of jewelry books. So, look out, I'll be creating some new jewelry and new ideas soon! I hope everyone out there is having a nice holiday season, no matter where you are.

Here's our little "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree. Rex is in the back ground. I'd have to say that our tree is decorated Victorian Mickey Mouse. It started off as a Victorian tree with ornaments that I made, Lacy garland, bows and roses, and the pink and purple tree skirt I made a number of years ago. Then, on many of our various trips to Disney World (some of you may know that we are Disney freaks), we started buying Mickey Mouse ornaments. I love the big balls with Mickey's emblem on them. Then we have glass ornaments themed around the parks and ones that are different cats from Disney movies (go figure).
I haven't made much jewelry this past week, but I'll give you a peek at what I've been working on. I did manage to make this silver bracelet for Benn. I used heavy gauge wire, and made my own twisted jump rings, (thank you Sharilyn Miller, author of "Bead on a wire"- one of my new books--for this technique.
I made a second one, a little different, this time using copper wire for the jump rings, and oxidizing the whole piece for a more rustic look. They both turned out really nice. And this bracelet can be unisex. It will go into my Etsy shop soon, (unless I decide to keep it for myself!)

Then I messed around with some copper wire, hammering techniques and oxidizing and polishing; made some heavy gauge jump rings, and some prototype hoop earrings.

Don't forget to stop over at ETSY tonight for SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS! You can just search "SNS" to find many shops offering deals.
OH! And don't forget, I'm having a giveaway, starting Monday of next week. Please stop by to check it out. Is it nap time yet?


Anonymous said…
Wow, what a great fortune cookie!! It looks like you have been busy with your new book and tools. The bracelet's and hoops are gorgeous!
Gabrielle Krake said…
I love that! The silver work is amazing. I had to do silversmithing as part of my BFA, I was shocked at how difficult it was and how horrible I was a t it!
AdobeSol said…
Sounds like hubby had a wonderful birthday!

I love your newest metal work! Just my style. You should keep that bracelet... make another to sell!!
Kristen said…
I agree Cindy, keep the bracelet, then you and the hubby can have matching ones. You can make another one to sell! Great job! Glad to hear you had a great holiday!
Pop Art Diva! said…
Great looking designs! I truly admire the amount of work that goes into original works like that!

The fortune cookie was cool - I really need to get into Etsy more! Especially for gift giving as I love art as gifts.

Andreal said…
I love the simple hammered hoops! Beautiful!

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