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OMG! I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted. I've been soooo busy this week. First of all, running around applying for jobs, trying to get part-time work. Then I finally made some headway, and now have 2 shops carrying my jewelry! One is the Painted Fish Gallery in Dunedin, and the other is the Safety Harbor Galleria in Safety Harbor. Thanks to these shops! I have 2 appointments with other shops (here in other locations), so I'm hoping to get my name and jewelry around the area! So I had to pull alot of items from my Etsy shop, and now I'm in fear, that my inventory is getting low. Gotta make more jewelry! I was comfortable with about 100 pieces, now I'm about 50 something in my Etsy shop, (oh, no!) I'm kidding of course.
I just didn't think I'd get done everything that I wanted to accomplish by today; but I have. I ordered some new gemstones, Swarovski crystals, wire, and more wire, so this morning I had to log everything in, price it all, you know, inventory/management stuff. I ordered some brass and copper too from some shops on Etsy. Then the bookkeeping work.
I don't know how other jewelry makers keep track, but our accountant suggested last year getting a bookkeeping log to keep track of everything, and I mean everything. From buying supplies, advertising expenses, sales, sales tax, any continuing education classes, mileage, and more! So at the end of every month, I have to do the monthly totals, just to keep the book up to date and because I am very anal.
I also had to write an artist's bio, so I added my logo,printed a few and cut them out real pretty and matted on high gloss pink paper. This matches my lotus logo.
AND I did all of this, this morning!
Here's what I did manage to complete today:

You can see that I finished the rather long (27 inch) Viking Knit necklace for a guy Benn works with. I did a bracelet for him also, I just need to put on the clasp. Next I started my "wire series". Well, actually started last week with the "Funky Swan" earrings you might remember, but one of the shops wanted them.
I made a wire bracelet from oxidized copper, with twists and turns adding green aventurine along the way. I even made the jump rings here. This turned out really nice after being tumbled.

Still wanting to work more with wire, I made this copper bracelet that has many elements going on with it. The focal lampwork bead is from "Sassy Stoppers".
The polymer clay beads are from "humblebeads". I made a variation of a swan clasp, added pearls and crystals and dangles of Czech glass in a real pretty turquoise/sea blue color that really makes this bracelet pop.

So I had to make earrings that coordinate with the bracelet. I had a couple of lampwork beads from "Catalina Glass", which is where I originally pulled the blue color idea from. I coiled these with oxidized copper and tumbled as well. These ear wires are sort of a new style for me too. I hammer the front curved loop flat for a different shape as well as hammering in various other places for shape.

Wow, that's enough for one day, so I'll be back later. Look for this week's "picture of the week".


Anonymous said…
You have been busy!!! Your new designs are beautiful!!
cindy said…
thank you Lisa!

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