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What I have learned during these tough economical times:
A job title does not give you personal worth.
I learned how to not waste food and make due with what I have and be creative in the kitchen.
I have enough material "things"- actually more than enough, so that I can share with others.
I learned to trust and have faith, that all things will work out o.k.
True happiness does not come in the form of a dollar bill.
True friendships are more important than material "things".


just me... said…
Nice post.

Here's what I'm learning:
-we need to focus on what we can do individually to help the collective 'pie' grow;
-if we listen to the media, we're doomed and depressed. better to turn off tvs and get to work;
-there's peace and contentment in a job well done;
-helping others helps ourselves;
-having too much stuff cluttered around me clutters up my mind;
-a streamlined home, closet, fridge, and desk keeps me calm, serene, and the creativity flows;
-without my own sanity and contentment, nothing else 'works'. Striving for balance within self to balance everything/everyone else
-sleep, exercise, and eating regularly (3 things I forget to do) should be easy enough to do and the benefits are too numerous to list;
-i am my own worst enemy! must not stand in my own way.
cindy said…
Thanks Casey, you've done a nice post here too.
Pop Art Diva! said…
Cute - love the "Doctor Is In" tile for this post!

It's amazing what we can learn to live without in the material sense when we have to, isn't it?

Stephanie said…
Some of life's greatest lessons! Love this post, Cindy! Thanks for leaving me a comment today!

Have a Beautiful Night!
Chic Gal said…
I think I'm still learning. I have a lot of "clutter" going on right now.
I have learned that I have been full of excuses for a long time. Excuses about how I was doing the world good just by keeping the fires burning at home and raising good children.

"Get out of your cave KIM" Oh the fresh air, wonderful new friends, the joy of giving more, the security that having all the answers isn't the answer.

I'm on my way baby even as I fall down to where ever I am going. What an adventure. I am exciting not knowing what's around the corner.

Random side note: who comes up with thes word verifications anyway. Computers probably. Last one was zipmay? Odd.
Gabrielle Krake said…
Thank you! I made you a favorite on etsy! Love your site!!
Gabrielle Krake said…
I had to leave another comment, once the picture opened and I could see the post. We have been doing much of the same soul searching. Times are tough and our perspective keeps us joyful! We agreed to not buy a single thing for Christmas this year. The kids say they are good with this and we have all been making things. It's strange to not go shopping, but the season has been stress free. My husband is still a little bothered by it, but I keep reminding him that this will be our best Christmas ever and may start a wonderful tradition, because like you we have plenty of "things". Thank you for your post. Have a Merry Christmas!
cindy said…
Thanks Gabrielle for your insights and post.

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