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Holiday Cactus: also known as Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving and Easter cactus. These plants can live for 100 years and are sometimes passed down from generations. The plant is native to Central and South America. The epiphytes, are called cacti, but are generally found growing in the same environment as orchids.
Care of: These plants are better kept indoor, in indirect sunlight, no drafts, limit watering (they do not like excessive water), and kept at 50-60% humidity.
To bloom: This is now the time of the year when the plants will bloom. They bloom best if kept at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to prune or re pot is February, March, or April.


Julia said…
I think i am getting one for my granny this christmas... poinstia's are soo over ;-)
storybeader said…
when I went to see my mom for Thanksgiving, her's were blooming. Mine aren't. She told me they MUST be in the dark at night, so if you have the lights on, and they're in the room, they won't bloom. I didn't know that - or I forgot! LOL
cindy said…
Yeah, I think I've over watered mine! Doesn't look too good.
Anonymous said…
Christmas Cactus are a beautiful plant! Enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said…
I have had a few Christmas Cactus in my time and I never had a nice full bloom. I don't know what I did wrong. I would see others in bushy full bloom and shake my head. Maybe it's time to try again?
Mine has never had that many blooms, but this year I think it is going to have a number of them.

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