It's Official

Let me just back up a minute here and comment on the picture of the week that I selected. What it says to me is, "I'm free!" It's been a long time coming, but now I can let everyone know that I left my day job. Not that the jewelry business is going great, or that sales (of my jewelry) will sustain my income. But I've been on the down slide (yes slide)of burnout for a long time now. So it's done. I've done much soul searching, praying, contemplating and such and I know that I've done the right thing. So since my last weekend of busyness, I've been out hitting the pavement to find a part time job or full time, but really part time job to bring in some income while still concentrating on my jewelry business adventure.
Today, I decided no phone calls, no job interviews--today is jewelry making day! I did complete a really petite tourmaline and moonstone and Hill Tribe silver bracelet, earrings with tourmaline and moonstone (these are my 2 favorite stones) and another pair of moonstone drop earrings. I'll post photos soon (tomorrow maybe). I have a great idea for a southwestern/pottery necklace that I put down on the work table tonight to see what would look good together, and (yeah!) I have my design idea. I'll try to put this piece together tomorrow too.
I'm going to a women's pot luck/ x-mas ornament exchange tomorrow night, so I won't have the entire day to play with beads and jewelry. This is a fun get together that some friends do every year. Can't wait, many of us have not seen each other for a long time. Well, let me sign off here and try to pop in to friends' blogs and find out what's new!


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