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Today I will write about our Etsy Bloggers Street Team's featured blogger of the month. This month's featured shop is Storybeader. At first glance I was consumed with the numerous items that are southwest and Native American inspired. Lots of turquoise, coral, heishi beads, sterling, fetish bears, birds and more. I'm not sure if she's Native American or not, but I would guess to say yes, because of the quality of this artist's work.
When you go to her shop, you will read that each piece is handmade by her and a haiku
is written for each necklace. (Thus the name, "storybeader".)
Next, I went to visit Storybeader's blog: and found myself on an explorative adventure through the Youtube video post. You just must go to this blog and play the Youtube and make sure your volume is on! It definitely had me going back to the shop to enjoy, really enjoy more pieces of jewelry.
Here's a few of my favorite items:

Enjoy your journey with Storybeader!


storybeader said…
thanks, Cindy, for the great feature! No, I'm not native american but I live and work around native people. Maybe it's rubbing off...

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