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Sunday....I start my day taking a walk. What a beautiful day it is today. The trees are loosing their leaves and if it wasn't for the heat of the day, I'd swear it looks like a winter day in northern U.S. I'm fighting with the wind as I walk, oh, yeah there is a tornado watch today! Hmmmm..... I picked up a few leaves to show you;

And, "Yes Virginia, the leaves do change colors in Florida".
So I've got a few custom orders I'm working on. I'm grateful for that! I'm working on a Viking knit weave necklace for a guy that Benn works with. And my fingers will hate me later, the necklace he wants it to be 27 inches long! A lot of weaving wire!
And I just made a pendant to match my Triple Goddess earrings, that sold last week at my open house. Normally, I would not make the same thing, but for this friend, she wanted a matching pendant, larger than the earrings, so I agreed. It turned out really nice. I was afraid that I would not be able to match the earrings, but it looks good. Pink tourmaline stones sit in the center of the spirals.

And from this pendant, (I sometimes get into a groove and keep creating) I made these spiral earrings; hammered, added amethyst rounds and made new ear wires for them. New to me, that is, as I experimented with another kind of shape for the ear wires. I like the way the front loop is "flat". I've hammered them in a number of places for a great shape and texture. Then through the tumbler they go! Very shiny! I think this will be the beginning of my WIRE SERIES that I'm going to be making. Stay tuned for that. I think I'm going to call these, "funky swans". They won't be listed in my ETSY shop for a few days, as I have an appointment at a gallery/shop on Tuesday, and I want to bring them along with my other work. Wish me luck!


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