Straight form the heart

Earlier in the week I got invited to a birthday party ala "Cinderella" style. Originally I hadn't planned to go, but after some nudging from a dear friend, I said yes to the invite. Well, I spent the last 2 days looking for an inexpensive "ball gown", so to speak. I went to my favorite store (Macy's), consignment shops, costume shops and found NOTHING in my size. So I decided, unless my fairy godmother is going to come out and sprinkle me with fairy dust, "it ain't gonna happen!"
So, in my disgust this afternoon, I decided to take a nap.
Is there anything wrong with being a homebody? I like my time spent alone and in peace. I like my solitude, serenity, and being able to think, I mean really think. Others may think I'm being anti-social. Am I? Not to mention, it wasn't in my budget to buy such a thing. Oh well!


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