Picture of the Week

Here it is. The first of my "Picture of the Week" series. I'm going to try to post a new picture weekly for your thoughts and viewing pleasure. Hoping to add fun, pleasure, happiness, a smile, or provoking thoughts to your life. I would love to have people post comments about the pictures, your feelings, what it brings to mind, creative ideas, memories or whatever.
This is a picture of a beautiful sunset at Clearwater beach, Florida, very close to where we live. Hope you enjoy it! And don't forget to post a comment!
Clearwater Fl Sunset 6 L


Robin Easton said…
What a gorgeous photo. On first impulse I thought it was somewhere in Viet Nam or Asia. Something about the soft pastel sky and the palms and what look like grass roofs and very few people. It also made me feel what it's like to be on a beach that's almost empty. I love that, when the crowds have left and there is finally peace. One can feel what the Earth feels like in the absence of man.
cindy said…
Thank you Robin, for your beautiful comments!
Kristen said…
Cindy, that's really pretty! I wish I was there watching that sunset! Great job!

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