Another busy day!

Saturday. Started out as my usual Saturday does. I did oversleep so I didn't get to exercise this morning. Then off to my women's meeting that I attend. After that I was kinda bad and HAD to do a little clothes shopping. O.k., can you blame me, I hit the after summer sales! Finally got to start my jewelry/bead work around 1:00p.m. today. As I promised, here's the 2 pieces I finished yesterday and have now successfully posted in my Etsy shop.

The first being the "Far Out" bracelet. Nice big focal lampwork bead made by Richard Ronsick. And a couple of disc beads made by Carey of Sassy Stoppers.
The next piece: You Rock! I just love the way this one turned out. Pretty cool. Simple, yet makes a statement. Artisan polymer clay beads, artisan bead caps (thank you Rebecca of Adobe Sol) and oxidized and polished chain by me. I love the matching earrings too. So cool!
I DID open my DESTASH SHOP ON ETSY tonight. Not done uploading everything yet. Had some trouble opening the second shop; and went to copy and paste info from DEVINEDESIGNSJEWELRY and somehow lost my info to my jewelry shop, had it come up with the destash shop info and announcement, totally lost my other info on my jewelry shop, and had to spend some time fixing it all! Did I mention I'm electronically challenged? Yes, all you have to do is ask my husband. Oh, honey, how do I program the VCR? The destash shop's name is YOUR JEWELRY SUPPLY SHOP. I'll put the official link in here later.
Next up, I mentioned I would put up a couple of pictures of our home inside to show our southwest style walls that we've painted. Well, here it is. We did a kind of pottery clay look that I texturized over and the trim and shelves are a teal/turquoise. I love the southwest style, jewelry and pottery too.

That's it for tonight. I'm tired. More tomorrow.......


Anonymous said…
Gosh Cindy, another busy day indeed! Your new designs are stunning. I love love love the walls in your livingroom.
cindy said…
Thanks Lisa! Hope you're feeling better today!

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