A well deserved rest

I can't believe it's Thursday already! This has been a good week for me; not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I am on vacation from my "day" job this week. Not going anywhere, or doing anything exciting, just getting rest, rejuvenation, soul searching and the like. I'm doing ALOT of reading this week. I have something like 7 books I'm involved in right now. And finally....I've created some new jewelry pieces. Yeah!
The first is a set that I've been working on for some time now as some of you already know. It's a lampwork disc set that consists of a necklace, bracelet, and convertible earrings. I call it "Tuscany" for the rich earthy tones in the beads. I made the bracelet first, then ran out of wire to complete the necklace, (finally got the wire), kept braking beads, and not sure if I would have enough to make interchangeable earrings, so that went on the back burner also. Luckily, I found some more of these beads that I set aside (not sure what for) to make the earrings. How to make them interchangeable without depleting or wearing down the wire? I came up with the solution of using wire hoops, so that you can just slip off the beads and change them when you want.

I've finally used my new tumbler. I made this rustic looking necklace with nugget lampwork beads and worked with my wire skills, hammering, texturizing, oxidizing and tumbling. I like the way it turned out. My friend Becca over at http://www.AdobeSol.com will enjoy this story: She was helping me with my new tumbler, and told me to be careful not to get any of the stainless steel shot down the drain or it will destroy my garbage disposal. So I decided to drain it in my bathroom sink. That was o.k. until I couldn't find all the pieces (for the necklace) and started messing around with the sink, and broke it! Water was coming out under the sink in the vanity. (Next step, a job for Benn!) So I went back and made some more links to oxidize and tumble, and found the other links, where? in the bottom of the bucket of oxidizing solution! Hey all the pieces turned out anyway!

How does it look?
This last piece is just kind of a "let's use up all this stuff I'm not sure what to do with" necklace. I've had some light weight chain sitting around and recently purchased a whole lot of Mykonos Greek ceramic beads. http://www.mykonosbeads.com/index.htm. Not sure if I'll use them all either, so I'm thinking of doing a "destashing" on Etsy or opening up a supply shop there to move some stuff out of here. Anyway, back to the necklace, I've got many larger ceramic beads, (that I probably won't use) but found these circle-donuts that went nicely with the loopy chain. Here's the result:

I'm going to try to get these posted tonight in my Etsy shop, so check back. And I'm still doing the SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS ON ETSY, so you might want to check my Etsy shop on Saturdays too. Have a good night everyone!


Moon Stumpp said…
Ilove the disk jewelry pieces...totally wearable and lovely!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi cindy!!
I absolutely love your new designs! The colors are magnificent.
cindy said…
thank you, Lisa!

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