Lot's of new stuff to talk about today. First off I'd thought I'd let everyone see some of my (messy) area where I create my jewelry.

You can see some of my bagged up projects that I started then, put aside, probably due to the fact that I ran out of something I need to finish it! Speaking of that, I promised Kristen that I would post the disc bracelet that I was working on. Finished the bracelet, decided to make a matching necklace for a set, but ran out of wire (of course). Also with the set I'm going to make matching earrings; I'm thinking of doing interchangable discs, so you could change the color of earrings you're wearing on different days.

These are not Carey's beads (sorry Carey), but I do need some more of her discs for another bracelet I want to make with a center focal bead of hers.
So I finished a couple of orders that I had pending. The first is more earthy, natural with tiger's eye and red jasper stones. The focal was made by Moon Stumpp. The second is a simple crystal and sterling silver necklace for my friend at her request, and I added earrings too. I still have to make an earring project as a gift, probably won't get to that today!

I did make a few things for sale to put in my Etsy shop, but I feel my blood sugar dropping, gotta go eat! I'll either post later tonight or tomorrow!


Kristen said…
Hey Cindy,
love the disk bracelet! Great idea about the interchangeable parts - most people like choices! Great job!
SassyStoppers said…
Hi Cindy!!! I love that bracelet too!!! Great idea and creativity on your part!!! Do you mean to tell me there are other bead makers out there???? Ha ha....no worries about the beads :) Those are great colors!! Really rich :)

Keep up the great work!
cindy said…
thanks Kristen, Carey, I'll have to take a look over at your blogs today too!

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