Adventures in Photography

My new light tent is here, my new light tent is here, yeah! O.k., now if it only came with instructions! That's o.k., I'm still trying to find the instruction manual that came with my camera! So I messed around today taking pictures in the new "box", that is after chasing one of the cats out of it. I got a little bit frustrated...are the lights suppose to get this hot? Which way is up? I hate the tripod!!! The camera won't cooperate!!!

Anyway....I made a couple of gifts this weekend; a cute simple bracelet set, and a few pairs of earrings for someone I work with. Then I finally finished the "Texas style 2". It's a real pretty necklace with lampwork beads by artist Moon Stumpp, and various shades of faceted carnelian stones. I added a few carnelian briolettes for a punch and some etched sterling silver, giving it a southwestern flair. Coordinating earrings go with it.

Made some cute southwest earrings also. Very versatile, they have a toggle clasp at the bottom that can be removed for 2 different looks! Then, (going to the other extreme) I made this wire, coiled necklace with blue goldstone. It's very futuristic/industrial looking; I'm calling it, "We have lift off". And finally, (from my softer side), I made a very elegant moonstone, Thai silver and vintage glass bracelet. It's sooo pretty (if I say so myself!)
Oh, and what to do you think of the new blog color? Pink is really not my color, but my logo has seemed to evolve that way, so it all works. I'd love to hear what you think!
I'll probably get the new items in my Etsy shop later this week. Have a good week!


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