I haven't dropped off the face of the earth!

That's right, I'm still here. But I haven't posted anything the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd update a little. The Ebay experiment is still ongoing. No sales yet, but at least I've noticed that people have viewed my items. Which is good. So I've been kinda lazy and unmotivated since I got back from my trip to San Antonio. All I want to do is nap! Maybe it's the heat here, I don't know. I started a couple of projects last week, let's see,,, a bracelet, and necklace, but ran out of this and that, a couple of findings and beads, so I had to put them aside and order more supplies of what I need to complete these pieces. I can't help being a perfectionist--- only a certain bead will do in that bracelet, and I need a certain copper jump ring to finish the necklace!
I think with it being summer also that sales are slow; could be adding to my lack of motivation. But I've been blogging and talking with others on-line getting promotion, advertising, and merchandising ideas. I just ordered a couple of books (to help my business) from Rena Klingenberg. http://www.home-jewelry-business-success-tips.com/index.html. Lot's of good information here, she has lots of experience in the jewelry business.
Speaking of promotions, there are a number of Etsy shops that are going to have a CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE. I believe the dates will be July 20-31st. We are hoping for an article listed on Etsy about this event. Either way you can go to Etsy.com and search: CHRISTMAS IN JULY which should bring up a list of all shops that will be participating in this event. I'll keep posting about this as the dates get closer.
I did get something done today, I started my portfolio of all my jewelry designs that I've made. This will be good to use as I go to local shops and boutiques so the owners can view my work. Of course I'll take the real thing also. Plus I thought if I decide to do home parties, this would be a good idea so guests can look through it and possibly order a custom piece. Or just use as reference for ideas.
I have not forgotten the Texas inspired pieces that I mentioned before. They are next on my list. I will be using some of Moon Stumpp's beads, you can see here. That's it for today!


Bi said…
Hello! I am Brazilian and I found your blog quite nice. Congratulations for jewelry.

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