The Ebay Experiment

Well today's the day; I'm going to try my Ebay experiment hoping to get more exposure for my jewelry business. I've selectively chose a number of items to sell, and have posted them today for 7 days. We'll have to wait for the outcome. I'm still looking for more internet exposure for my jewelry business. I started a gallery at, but keep having trouble logging in. I have to email the web host about that. There's also another artisan selling site, (forget the name, I have to go to another site to find out), that I remember looking at before, and they have reasonable seller's fees. It seemed very artsy/eclectic; I'll probably pick my top 2 or 3 artisan pieces and try them out there.
So, this weekend I guess I'll try to tackle some of these projects here on my desk, and also start my southwest/Texas inspired pieces. Yeah, I'd better do that before I loose all the inspiration from my trip last week! I think I'll start on those next. Stay tuned, I'll probably have some new pieces in a few days to post!


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