Just a quick note:

I decided to make some necklaces today. I tend to lean towards necklaces more than anything else right now. So I've had these few pendants for a while staring me in the face to get working on; sometimes pieces just have to sit until I am motivated and inspired to create with them. Anyway, these are hand made polymer clay pendants made by Bethany Cooper. The blue one I'm calling Mardi Gras because of the colors and craziness to the pendant. I wire wrapped blue goldstone and Czech glass; earring to match too. The green pendant I'm calling Green tile pendant (no kidding); I wanted to call it a Celtic pendant, but it really isn't Celtic. Anyway I kinda went with that theme and used shiny copper to wrap the stones and pendant. I think the stones are bloodstone, or green agate, not sure. Also it has cute tiny seed beads. The pink pendant is a floral design and I used Vintaj brass butterflies and findings, smokey quartz, rhodonite, and some lampwork beads. Here's a few pictures, as it was getting cloudy outside, looking like rain. Photography issue again! I'll have to post them for sale later.


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