Cleaning, napping, wire wrapping

Well today I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to. But I needed to clean the house! I hate cleaning. I just wanted to create with wire today. But all those cat's fur balls, I guess are piling up; it's pretty bad when the cats start to cough and sneeze from the dust! All the cats are napping! Sounded like a good idea to me too, so I took an afternoon nap after all my cleaning of course! And yes, if you noticed the one tiger cat does only have 3 legs.
I finally did do some wire wrapping. I made this pendant of green agate to send to my Mom. So off to Oregon it goes tomorrow with a stack of business cards!
Then I experimented with wire making these heart shaped earrings all from 1 piece of wire except for the dangle that hangs from the hearts. I hammered and texturized the hearts and wire wrapped tiny turquiose heshi bead to dangle. I also oxidized them and polished. I tried to make a couple of pairs in copper, but that experiment failed. The copper got too fragile, I think I killed it over-oxidizing too. Oh, well, live and learn, that's what good about experimenting!


Moon Stumpp said…
Lovely work...lovely kitties! The heart earrings are very, very kewl!!!!

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