BeautyDNA: A new subscription service

A newer beauty subscription service is "BeautyDNA". It claims to be a REAL personalized service, matching you with full size products that do address your beauty concerns.
This is a monthly service that costs $25.00. You fill out a rather detailed profile, which can take 10-15 minutes. Once this is done, they will let you know when to expect your shipment.

You'll get a personalized "report" customized to your needs. It not only explains the product really well, but also explains why they chose this particular product for you. On the back page is your receipt and invoice number; where is shows you the actual full price of your item, as well as what you paid. This serum retails for $39.95.

I got this "grande- face lift finishing serum". It claims to instantly smooth fine lines and lift and tightens the skin. It is said to treat large pores (which I have), and is correct for my skin type. The formula contains collegen, aloe, vit. A, C, and E. These are ingredients that I included in my profile, of "things I would like in a product". You can also choose ingredients that you DO NOT want a product to contain. So far, I like this service. It seems to fit my needs and wants. While this product selection is o.k., (I'm still working with using it, and it does tighten the skin a bit) I'm not sure it's a product that I would repurchase myself. Let's see what next month's selection is like.
Check back.......

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Melissa said…
What a super idea! I like that it is personalized to you. Skin care products always should be since our skin is as different as fingerprints are from one another. Great idea!

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