New make-up~Makeup Revolution London has arrived

Makeup Revolution London is a fairly new brand; new to the U.S., that you can now find at Ulta. The brand states that it is "professional make-up at an affordable price."
I got 2 items to try. The "Unicorn's Unite 18 eyeshadow palette" and a Salvation intense lip lacquer in the color "Didn't I tell you?".
The lip lacquer claims to be "long lasting, intense color and high shine. As you can see, that's pretty accurate.
This product is a thick lacquer and does produce some intense color, but the accuracy of the color chart on Ulta's web site is off. I was hoping for a neutral pink/mauve color when I chose this one, and I got a bright candy pink color; not for me.

The "Unicorn's Unite" palette consists of 12 shimmer eyeshadow shades and 6 matte shades. I'll swatch from top row to bottom (the mattes).
While the shadows are pretty and diverse, they do not have a good color pay off. They are not highly pigmented as they appear in the palette. I wore them one day with no primer- they wore off easily during the day. Then I tried using an eye shadow primer, but still not intense color that I was hoping for. There are some pretty purples in this palette, and I do like the matte shades, even though they are very light. You need to layer and layer for color. Overall, I would not repurchase. I paid $4.99 for the lip lacquer and $11.99 for the eye shadow palette. It seems like Mackeup Revolution London is trying to copy or dupe for high end brands such as: Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Tarte. You can see similarities on their web site here. And just a note: Ulta has changed the prices of these, I just noticed.

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