The Case of the Sin City Sister by Lynne Hinton~ a book review

What’s a nun to do when her biological sister turns up missing? She goes to Vegas. Eve Divine, a nun who had taken a “leave of absence” from her home at the mission, currently assists her father at his private detective agency, when her biological sister, Dorisanne turns up missing.
Dorisanne lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is married to a shifty man, who just might be in some kind of trouble legally, and financially. When the couple disappears, and no one seems to have any clues as to the couple’s whereabouts, is when “Sister” Eve and friend/police officer, Daniel, decide to take a road trip to Vegas and look for clues, and find Dorisanne.
Searching for clues at casinos, and Dorisanne’s apartment complex, little, if no answers turn up, but the plot thickens as Eve and Daniel discover that they’re being followed.
I enjoyed the plot and characters in this cozy mystery. Sister Eve is an interesting character herself. Although rather sheltered from life’s darker side of the gambling world, she has a fond love of Harleys, and the freedom that riding gives her. She even dresses the part.
This was a great story, with interesting characters. I would recommend this book, for a quick “get away”.
I received this book from “” in exchange for my honest opinion.

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