Thoughts and Frustrations

As my usual behavior preceding an art show, I'v been a bit stressed this past weekend. I feel good about the amount of new jewelry that I have for the show- just other "things" in life are annoying.
I've had a little down time (off) from my regular job, which pays the bills, so I've been struggling with the thought of not having a steady pay check for the next couple of weeks.
I haven't had great sales in the galleries that I have my work in this month.
On Etsy I feel like a non-exsistant shop. (Don't get me started on that subject!)
So, I'm hoping and praying for good sales at my next show coming up next weekend. But I can't put all my eggs in one basket, so I spent over 4 1/2 hours Sunday applying for jobs on-line. And it's not just sending a letter with a resume. It's filling out forms that have the same employment information that's on my resume, then taking accessment tests, questionares, skill tests, math tests and more!
Now since I've been a "professional applicant" for about the last 3 years, I probably could write a book on this topic! (Maybe I should tuck that thought away for later)

Now I'm doing the laundry and the dryer doesn't seem to be working right. ~Great~

I just don't know how people are existing in today's economy. How are people with kids doing it?
Be grateful for the job you have, if you do have one. I'm worrying how I'm going to take enough cash for change to this next show, although I've noticed lately that folks are not using cash as much.
So, now for you guys who love the eye candy, I've included a few photos of new works that I'll have available for the show this coming weekend.
More details on the show later in the week.
~Keep on, keeping on!~


Your new cuff is gorgeous!
I hope your show is wonderful this weekend and best of luck on the job hunt as well.
I am feeling the same frustration with online applications. Here's hoping you find a job soon.

Your work is really lovely. May your show be a huge success.
I know how you feel...and I wish you the best of luck on your job search. It's tough out there. I'm a new follower from the etsy blog team, but check out
I have a shop there too, but the forum is great for support and exposure.
Eyelah said…
Your cuff is really pretty. I completely understand how you feel on the job front. I'm currently in a position that doesn't pay enough and if I had children I would definitely have to go on public aid(even with a full time w/benefits job)

I'm looking for another position but the jobs are pretty scarce where I live and I don't know if I can find another job that pays more to factor in an 1.5hr commute.

I'm trying to stay positive and hoping the online business will pick up so I can eventually have that full time. Good luck with the show and try to stay positive!
cindy said…
Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. I'm glad I'm not alone.

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