You can't re-invent the wheel

I've been looking around alot lately, at other's works,jewelry magazines, art work- searching for something new, something innovative, somewhere to get new ideas, and just to admire the work of other's.
I've come to a conclusion for myself anyway; that you can't re-invent the wheel. You will never fit a round peg in a square hole. Most things have been done before, maybe, but with just a little different twist. Taking a look back in history, you will find the the ancient people of all cultures created and wore jewelry, or body adornments.

The same is true with fashion trends. Haven't you noticed how certain styles come in and out of fashion? For example; look at a peep toe wedge heel shoe. Once a vintage item, now back in style.

There are too few real innovators today. Let's face it, will there ever be another Henry Ford, or the Wright brothers? We can only hope for improvements, change, and good marketing for a "new idea" to be brought to the forefront and have people take notice.

Variations on a theme~
Artistic expression. I think this is most of what you see today. Some jewelry artisans use wire.
Twisted wire bracelet by me
Some use sheet metal. Silver cuff by Cyndie Smith Designs
Some wrap stones. Wire wrapped earrings by Creative Treasures by Donna

Some set stones in bezels.Eaarings by Nikki of NRjewellerydesign

What matters is what you like. What you're attracted to. Everyone single person has their own likes and dislikes. I believe there is something out there for everyone. Just look at all the variety available to the consumer.
With that said, I should give myself a little break from my type "A", perfectionistic personality, and remember, that there is always someone more talented than myself and also someone less talented. I guess what matters in the end is what the final outcome will be. Enjoyment? Pleasure of creating? Joy brought to others? Monetary?
Words for thought......

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Kala said…
Build it and they will come:):) I create what inspires me and invariably someone comes along who loves it as much as I do:) Very thoughtful post.
I can't say that I'm looking to reinvent the wheel either.
I like to look at designs and see how I can change it, make it different, make it better...make it mine :)
I can see one item and have ideas for 20 others!
Your right - reinventing the wheel is pointless. I love your wire bracelet!

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