I'm too tired to think

I wanted to stop in and blog today, before it starts to get to be too much of a chore, or I forget about it altogether! I am so tired! I just can't seem to keep up. This week started out with getting a new washing machine, since ours died last week. Then I worked my usually job, then I picked up 2 days of unexpected hours from my part time job. And that really kicked my butt! Plus now, I'm coming down with a cold. (I do not like to be sick). And I have to work tomorrow morning at my regular job.
I have a whole new batch of jewelry made; well almost finished. I'm trying to put the finishing touches on things today. I have a few new styles of earrings, and a couple of new bracelets too. I really wish I could have finished these earlier in the week. I just feel like I'm so behind in finishing or starting all the projects that I want to do. Plus, my inventory is so low, and I have another show in May-
I think you get the picture.
A couple of new listings are going up today in my Etsy shop. Then tomorrow I'm resting the rest of the day after my morning work.
Next week is a new week with new adventures!

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I hope you get to feeling better soon! I know I don't feel like doing much when I'm sick!
But keep your chin up :) You'll find the time :)
storybeader said…
two jobs?! Now THAT sounds like a chore! Hope you're feeling better soon - it's a bummer having to go to work when feeling sickly. {:-D
You have quite a lot on your plate, as well as high expectations for yourself. Give yourself a break.
I hope by now you are feeling better.

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