What bothers you?

Ugh! Another work weekend for me. I'm pretty exhausted. My usual Saturday morning routine, with added getting up earlier to work out. (at least I'm trying to make a go at it)
A full house of "boarding" animals where I work, with 1 diabetic, 2 sick ones that need about 5 medications each and some real happy cat that I have to where leather gloves to reach in the cage for.
I was hoping to have 2 new bracelet designs to show you today, but not quite finished. Maybe tomorrow.
But here's my beef: What is it about men and dryer lint filters? Do they not know that they exist? What about when you show them how to use one? This is one of the things that drives me nuts about my husband. The lint filter is always over filled.
Hmm, maybe that's what happened to our old dryer!
I clean it after I use it. I clean it before I use it. Let's face it, I'm the only one cleaning it! I guess for guys, it's out of sight, out of mind. I should be grateful that he takes out the trash.
Well, I'm off to work for the evening treatments, but first a stop at Starbucks. I really need a pick up! So, what bothers you?
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