What's happening?

Well....here's the latest in a nut shell. Start a new "temp" job on Monday. It is not in the veterinary field. I am going to be a cook's assistant. One of the things that I like to do. Cook. And I've thought about cartering at one time, so at least this will get me out of the house and keep my busy for a while.
Wait- what? I won't have all that time to work on new jewelry projects, network, chat on line, and all that other stuff, I tend to spend WAY too many hours doing!
But, I look at at this way, it is a time to grow. I think something bigger than just a job (a larger than life force) is at work here.
Went to the doctor's yesterday, they're sending me for blood work. EEEk! My least favorite thing to do. I did notice that my blood pressure was up from my usual low reading. Something to do with my weight gain? Probably. Thyroid issues? I guess I'll find out.
EARRINGS, EARRINGS, EARRINGS: Yes, I've been on an earring kick. A couple of these pairs you won't find in my on-line shops because this week I had 2 really fast sales. One day, a pair that I listed sold in under 20 minutes of listing! The next day, I listed a new pair, went to check my personal email, and found payment for them! Under 5 minutes! No kidding! I guess I'm doing something right. And I'm really happy, grateful for these sales too.





Well, that's it for today. I have to go make some more earrings!

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