Etsy Blogger's presents: Design by Nora

This month's featured shop is Nora lives in Los Angeles, California and has a Bachelor degree in Art, concentrating on Graphic Design. Her shop features polymer clay earrings, belts, and purses. Check out a few of the purses that I found:
Betty's Purse:

Love the look of the red faux ostrich leather!

Tina's Purse:

Yet another red purse!

And here's one for the gothic/wild side: Christina's purse:

(Makes me want a new purse.) O.k. everybody, go out there and shop!


Nora said…
Hi, thank you for the wonderful post! :D
Gabrielle Krake said…
These are gorgeous! Wow! I wish I could get a new purse, too! I also voted on your bracelet, very beautiful!

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