Picture of the Week

This is a "glass tree". My Mom took this photo. She is a member of a photography club here. This took some prize. I thought it was really pretty. I may have to get some tips from her!

Just a short post today... I've entered another jewelry contest. If you would like to support my design, please go to this site: http://vintaj.com/wpblog/?p=939 and vote for bracelet #13, which is my Queen's Ransom bracelet. And thanks for your support!


Gabrielle Krake said…
GORGEOUS!!!! Ooh, i love your stuff!
gorgeous art all around. Creation of all kinds keep me in awe of the world.
Just Me... said…
This is beautiful. I will cut and paste address now and go there. Would you consider starting and Etsy Group on BwhoUR?
Pop Art Diva! said…
I voted - you gotta get all the BwhoUR ladies in there to vote - can we vote more than once, lol?

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