This one has a story....

Have you ever bought beads that you thought were beautiful, but then when sitting down with them you got kind of "stuck"? That's what happened here with this artisan lamp work focal bead. I bought this beautiful lamp work bead almost a year ago and put it aside as I do with alot of the beads that I buy. (Beader's frenzy, I know) For months I would set aside other beads and findings that I thought would go with it. For a while I was going to make a lariat necklace with this as the focal, and with it being red and black, an Asian theme came to mind. So I started collecting beads, etc. It sat longer again. Here's the problem I was having with it. The bead itself cost me $28.00, (not that I'm complaining or saying that the art work is not worth it), but I'm trying to justify how I will price a rather large necklace and get it to sell.
More thoughts on what to do with it. Then I thought to keep it cost effective for the customer, I would just string it up on black leather cord, maybe add a couple of beads and finish it. Sooooo, I set out the black leather aside with it.
Just couldn't bring myself to do that. Too boring for me. It's like comparing McDonald's and sushi.
Then, I thought, "why not use brass?" I do have alot of brass findings and like working with it. I'm on to something here......
Next, while surfing around Etsy, and many other blogs that I follow, I came across "ART BEAD SCENE" blog. They are having a monthly contest for September and guess what? there's the extra push I needed to actually sit down and make something!
(Since sales are slow right now, I seem to be finding my inspiration through other's blogs, and getting involved with contests.) Hey, at least I might win something and I ALWAYS like free stuff. Side bar: If you're not a member of Posh Mama yet, I encourage you to join. It's a great social network for women only (scroll down to see the widget). Anyway, I did win a necklace 2 weeks ago there and I'm giving away a piece from my shop this week.
Back to the ART BEAD SCENE: Their theme is filigree this month and you must use an "art bead" of some kind. Thus, my Asian Influence necklace was born!

Let me give credit where credit is due; this beautiful lamp work focal was made by Debby Gwaltney of Starlight Designs. You can find her work on Etsy as well. I thought I'd show you the thought process that this one took too:

Oh, I did find an interesting blog that I've added to my list to follow, called, "Surviving Etsy". Just breezed it today quickly; had some good articles about photography, selling on Etsy and the like.
I also made this necklace today which will go into my shop soon. It's a beautiful triple strand of garnet and Karen Hill Tribe silver. Just in time for the fall and winter fashions.

That's it for today. Don't forget to stop back for the picture of the week!


Steve Ballmer said…
Lovely blog, I'm impressed!

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