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Today, I was thinking how friends and co-workers who have seen my Etsy on-line store, are always telling me how pretty my jewelry is in person and that the on-line pictures don't do my jewelry justice. So I decided to revise my photography, using new props, hoping to improve the look of my designs. I just finished! Hours, and hours of retaking pictures and downloading. I think I like it! If you feel so inspired yourself, go to my shop: and have a look. I'd love to hear what you think! Also, I've decreased my shipping fees (for an added bonus!) Enjoy! These are 2 of my favorite retakes.


SassyStoppers said…
I love your new pictures Cindy! Especially that Koy piece! Your jewelry will really stand out and be well showcased when placed on a background or prop that does not blend in with the colors or your pieces!

Well done!!!

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