Discs, discs, and more discs

I don't what it is about these discs, but I'm really on a kick with them right now. I really like them! What do they remind me of? Oh, the spiral dance of life, goddesses, the roundness, oneness, completeness.
And they're so pretty too. I'll have to create something for myself with some of these, earrings I'm thinking. More of these lampwork beads were made by Carey of sassystoppers.etsy.com and a few were made by beadabundant.com. I did make one necklace that I gave to a friend:
and currently have a necklace on etsy "Golden sun" with some discs and lampwork focal. Please check out my etsy store:
Hve any ideas for these discs? I'd love to here suggestions or requests!


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